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Ivan Duran is a San Francisco Bay Area Wedding and portrait photographer.

I specializes in delivering stunning, timeless images in which our clients (no matter how camera-shy they may be) feel authentically themselves.


Though our clients hire us for our artistry, they also come to value our kindly, grounding presence during a time that is always full of powerful emotions.

As our company grew, and more couples love our style and uniqueness. What started with only myself as a photographer, now we have a bigger team each highly trained in our style and technique to satisfy the demand of the Bay Area, surrounding areas and destination weddings. 


In the end, our work does more than just document one special day—it also captures the uniqueness of each new love story in a way that our clients cherish forever. 


Nowadays, anyone can snap a photo with a smartphone, but our studio delivers something of a different caliber. My years of experience as a wedding photographer studio have made us experts in both the joys and the stressors of weddings, and We know how to operate behind the scenes, doing all the leg-work that goes into creating truly amazing photographs so that Our clients can just relax and be in the moment on their special day. 

We photograph a mix of classic, dramatic, and photojournalistic styles. Our goal is always to create timeless and stunning images that are nonetheless genuine, reflecting Our clients' unique love stories.

We photograph weddings covering all of the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounding areas and at destination weddings world wide. We are an experienced, award-winning wedding photography studio and each member in our team is highly talented and trained to delivered consistent high quality images at each wedding.  


We believe that a good photograph should do more than serve as a record of the past - it should tell a story that invites us to see the world through fresh eyes. We feel incredibly privileged to witness so many joyous occasions of love and celebration, and Our clients are a constant source of inspiration for me.


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