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I'm Ivan Duran, a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. My goal is to deliver stunning, timeless images that capture the true essence of my clients and make them feel authentically themselves, even if they're camera-shy.​I take pride in not only providing exceptional artistry but also being a kind and grounding presence during one of the most emotional times in my clients' lives. As my company grew, I've added a talented team, each member highly trained in my unique style and technique, to satisfy the demand for my services in the Bay Area, surrounding areas, and destination weddings.​At Ivan Duran Photography, my team and I don't just document your special day, we capture the essence of your unique love story in a way that you will cherish forever. I believe that your wedding and portrait sessions should be an unforgettable experience, and I work hard to make that a reality.

Photographer Portrait


At my studio, I understand that in today's world, anyone can take a photo with their smartphone. But I believe that creating truly exceptional images takes something extra. With years of experience as a wedding photography studio, I've become an expert in both the joys and stressors of weddings, and I know how to operate behind the scenes to make your special day run smoothly.​


I specialize in a mix of classic, dramatic, and photojournalistic styles, always striving to create timeless and stunning images that reflect my clients' unique love stories.

My coverage extends to all of the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounding areas, and even destination weddings worldwide.​As an experienced and award-winning wedding photography studio, I have a talented team of photographers who are all highly trained to consistently deliver high-quality images at each and every wedding.​


For me, a good photograph should be more than just a record of the past; it should tell a story that invites us to see the world through fresh eyes. I feel incredibly privileged to witness so many joyous occasions of love and celebration, and my clients are a constant source of inspiration.

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