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Ivan Duran is a member of and has won awards from the following organizations:

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International

Professional Photographers of America

Professional Photographers of California


Professional Photographers of Europe Community


Asia Wedding Photographers Association 

One Eye Land Wold's Best Photographers 

Portrait Masters 

Cosmos Awards

Magic Lens 

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"WPPI's The Annual: 16x20 Print, Album and Filmmaking competition is the most prestigious wedding, portrait and print competition in the world, and the capstone event of the WPPI Conference + Show, with an awards ceremony honoring the most illustrious photographers of the year, many of whom spend their entire year preparing for this competition.

Images are judged live at WPPI in Las Vegas by our world-renowned judges. The live judging is an invaluable education experience for the entrants and show attendees.

As entrants advance through the competitions, they achieve points towards their Honors of Excellence (Honors) designation which help entrants progress on their journey of growth and prestige among their community.

The competition culminates with live judging at WPPI's yearly conference and a gallery exhibition at the show taking place in Las Vegas. Prizes include the Grand Awards and crystal trophies."

  • 1st Place Wedding Division (2020)

  • 1st Place Fashion/Beauty Division (2020)

  • 3rd Place Wedding Division (2020)

  • 3rd Place Fashion/Beauty Division (2020)

  • 2nd Place Wedding Division (2020)

  • 2nd Place Fashion/Beauty (2020)

  • 1st Place Wedding Division (2019)

  • 1st Place Commercial (2019)

  • 2nd Place Commercial (2019)

  • 1st Place   Fashion/ Beauty (2020)

  • 2nd Place Photo-manipulation (2020)

  • 3rd Place  Groom Alone Wedding Day (2020)

  • 1st Place Individuel (2019)

  • 3rd Place Fashion/Beauty (2019)

  • 1st Place Fashion/Beauty (2019)

  • Top 20 Photographer of the year 2019

  • 2nd Place Portrait Creative (2019)

  • 1st Place Portrait (2019)

  • 2nd Place Portrait Creative (2019)

  • 3rd Place Portrait Creative (2019)

  • Rankin #1 Fashion Photographer in the USA (2020)

  • Rankin #1 Fashion Photographer in the World (2020)

  • Rankin #1 Fine Art Photographer in the USA (2020)

  • Rankin #4 Fine Art Photographer in the USA (2020)

  • 2nd Place Wedding Bride Division (2020 T3)

  • 2nd Place Commercial Division (2020 T3)

  • 3rd Place Wedding Composite Division (2020 T3)

  • 3rd Place Fashion/Beauty Division (2020 T3)

  • 1st Place Creative Division (2020 T3)

  • 2nd Place Creative Division (2020 T3)

  • 1st Place Boudoir Division (2020 T3)

  • 1st Place Fine Art Nude Division (2020 T3)

  • 2nd Place Fine Art Nude Division (2020 T3)

  • 2nd Place Portrait Division (2020 T3)

  • 2nd Place Teenager Division (2020 T3)

  • 1st Place  (Boudoir Portrait)

  • 2nd Place  (Contemporary)

  • 2nd Place  (Creative Portrait)


  • 1st Place 


  • Top 5

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